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Artist Statement


My work is created from personal nostalgia. This particular body of work deals with my childhood and adolescence. It was inspired by a group of old family photos given to me by my Nana, and by the photo albums that I compiled while in highschool. Combining imagery and abstraction through paint and collage is a technique that I have returned to after a long foray into pure abstraction. Through collage, I can attach personal items to my work, whether it is a quick meaningless note jotted down by a friend that I somehow kept, or an old bed sheet from my childhood. Not only do I enjoy the fragile and impermanent nature of these items, but I often purposely leave text legible to act as a form of documentation, and as a tool to perpetuate the ongoing passage of time, and time past.
Each painting is very much about the moment in which I created it, which in itself becomes very nostalgic for me. Ultimately I hope to encourage a sense of longing within my viewers as well.


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Upcoming Shows


May 28 - June 19, 2011: loop Gallery (www.loopgallery.ca)


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Canadian Art Magazine www.canadianart.ca/


Tanya Cunningtons exhibit at Loop Gallery is reviewed by Donald Brackett in the summer 2007 issue

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